What are people saying about CT Mediation?

“When I was looking into adding mediation services to my skill set, the first place I looked was the American Bar Association’s list of qualified trainers. Fortunately for me, Gail was on that list. I found her course to be extremely informative and helpful, as the content is presented in an easy to understand format. The supporting videos really give you an inside look at some of the issues that commonly arise during a conflict resolution session and really jump – start your thinking about how you would handle those issues. Her exercises prompted you to create a faux scenario experience. Gail is also very personable, easy to communicate with and willing to offer extra insight into the practice of mediation.” — Emilio Anello, 2015

“Dr. Shapiro is a very professional, knowledgeable and creative teacher. Her approach to teaching Conflict & Dispute Mediation was both fun and enlightening. I found her curriculum to be comprehensive and I learned skills in her class that I will be able to use in both the workplace and in personal situations.” — Christelle Lachapelle, 2015

“Dr. Shapiro’s training delivery model is dynamic and interactive making the learning process invaluable.  Her combinations of theory and practical demonstrations kept us all engaged and learning!” — Dr. Mercado-Martinez, 2014

“ I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your program. I actually look forward to sitting down at the computer to start the assignments each week. The PPTs are interesting and the “You Tube” videos are pertinent and give the course variety.  The material tends to stick in my head because of the variety of modules in which it is delivered. You are an excellent teacher!” — Heather, 2013

“I have learned so many things that I know I will be using today, tomorrow and in the future. I loved it and would recommend it to any of my friends. Thank you, it looks like you truly enjoy teaching this.” — Hal, 2013

“I feel confident enough to conduct a mediation session due to all the information that I learned from you.” — Marie, 2013

“Gail gave me a solid training in mediation and was personable and professional throughout. She is highly recommended!” — John Goodman, 2012

“I can highly recommend Gail Shapiro, our Mediation training instructor. She is a seasoned mediator, Mediation Training Instructor, a very adaptive teacher, picking up the nuances of the reinsurance business quite quickly and adjusting the assignments and class role playing effectively.“ — R.E. Kenyon III, 2010

“ I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel I will be able to use the skills and concepts you taught us in my work as a clinical social worker” — Cindy, Fall 2009

“You have changed my perspective in trying to figure out people and conflict. I will try to make situations win/win for now on.” — Elizabeth, Fall 2009

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills to maintain such a dynamic class.” — Julienne, Fall 2009

“Gail, you are an incredible asset to me and the conflict resolution field…” — Lacy, 2008

“The training has been very informative and I’m excited to start Mediating.” — Nicole, 2008