Hire A Conflict Coach

Hire A Conflict Coach

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Come with a problem or situation to be solved or a conflict to be managed, leave with a specific plan on how to manage it and move on.  Put the conflict behind you so you are no longer distracted by tension and confusion.

Many people avoid conflict (it’s a statistical fact). The goal of CT Mediation coaching service is to help you unlock your conflict management potential.

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Hire Conflict Resolution Practitioner, Gail J. Shapiro, Ph.D. and learn to:

  • See the conflict through a mediator’s eyes.
  • Analyze the conflict when Dr. Shapiro applies a highly effective and respected conflict analysis process that was developed at a leading University.
  • Dissect and fully understand the various details of what is going on.
  • Be Assertive
  • Learn how to Win/Win Negotiate
  • Get your personality assessed in a unique, easy to understand format.
  • Understand your personality triggers, wants and needs
  • Understand your formal options of mediation or arbitration
  • Get mediation guidance and learn how to win at mediation
  • Create a CT Mediation Conflict Resolution plan
  • Define the main decision – makers so you are clear about who to talk to when there are more than two people involved.
  • Communicate non-violently in a non - confrontational manner

When you enroll in this service you will receive:

  • One-On-One phone coaching session with Dr. Shapiro
  • CT Mediation Conflict to Resolution Workbook
  • CT Mediation Conflict Management Tip Sheets
  • As an added bonus, you will also receive the following post conflict management feedback:
  • Written review with praise and polish so you know what you did well and how to improve.
  • A 15 – minute follow up Conflict Coaching call