Cool Off

The mind is a powerful force in all conflicts. Negative emotions can distract the mind from focusing on problem solving. Not thinking clearly can get in the way of smart conflict resolution.

It is hard for the mind to focus on more than one thing at a time. Doing something that will distract the mind can reset negative emotions. The expression “take time to cool off” means that one should not react too quickly in an interpersonal conflict situation.  Reacting the wrong way can have negative consequences. But how long should you take to cool off and what should you do during that cooling off time?

Next time you are in a conflict situation, “cool off”  by doing something that is uniquely suited to meet your needs. Consider the following actions that you can do to “cool off” for this week’s blog to reset negative emotions so the mind can think about smart resolution.

What do you like to do on your free time that makes you happy?

What helps you calm down in the moment?

Is exercising the best way for you to calm down?

Does reading a book or doing some research relax you?

Is talking to a friend the best way for you to get your thoughts in order?

Is organizing something the best way for you to calm down?

Does making a plan or schedule make you happy?

Each of these actions is especially suited to meet the needs of your personality type. Read more about your personality type in Dr. Shapiro’s book called “Peaceful Colors” available at