Resolve Conflict With Your Mind's Eye

I learned a startling rule when I first studied mediation. The rule was difficult for me to accept. It was,  “the truth is irrelevant when resolving conflict.” Evidence is not allowed.

Evidence is not allowed because it is the Mind’s Eye that is the key to resolution. What is a Mind’s Eye? It is a mental picture in a person’s mind. It is their unique perception of an event or scene.

Perception is the way one regards, understands, and interprets something. Perception is a person’s idea, impression, judgments and thoughts. Changing it is the key to moving on peacefully.

Next time you are in conflict, spend more time on examining your perception. What influenced you to make a judgment? Why? Think long and hard about the other person’s view of the situation.  What is their perception? Why? What do you need to say or explain to change their concept of the conflict? Peaceful resolution depends on changing your Mind’s Eye and changing theirs.

Dr. Gail Shapiro is a Conflict Resolution Practitioner. She mediates and coaches people through conflict and helps them peacefully problem - solve in order to avoid loss and litigation. Make an appointment with her today. You can discuss moving on and using the energy from a conflict in a more positive and productive way! 203 247 3056.

Image photographed by Dr. Shapiro & posted at Mindfulmuseum (Instagram). By, Rene Magritte, “The False Mirror”, 1929 @Museumofmodernart, NYC.