Meet Dr. Gail J. Shapiro

Dr. Gail J. Shapiro is a leader in the field of conflict resolution. She has been training, teaching at universities, researching and writing about problem solving, assertiveness, conflict management and mediation for over 20 years.  Dr. Shapiro holds two graduate degrees, a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution with a specialty in Organizational Conflict and an MA in Legal Studies with a specialty in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Dr. Shapiro is certified as a Divorce Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner, Collaborative trainer, a True Colors Personality Assessor, Conflict Coach and a Community Mediator.  

Dr. Shapiro was originally a pre­‐arrest mediator working with juveniles for the Norwalk and Bridgeport, CT police departments, she helped settle housing disputes involving neighbors with the Norwalk, CT Housing Authority and settled community disputes dealing with relationships, behavior and noise problems all done as a volunteer mediator working for the Dispute Settlement Center in Norwalk, CT. She was one of the first in the state of Connecticut to offer mediation training and won the honor of “Best Trainer” from the CT Legal Community as presented by the CT Law Tribune in 2006. Her nationwide study of HR professionals is often consulted worldwide for information on conflict management in the workplace.

“I have learned so many things that I know I will be using today, tomorrow and in the future. I loved it and would recommend it to any of my friends. Thank you”
— Hal, 2013

Dr. Shapiro has taken over 20 years of work in mediation and conflict resolution and created trainings to help individuals from all backgrounds achieve peaceful and happy resolutions to conflict. Social service agencies, attorneys, corporations, teachers, coaches, semi – retired professionals, real estate agents, insurance agents, clergy and construction companies have all received mediation and conflict resolution training from Dr. Shapiro. She is determined to help others learn how to prevent conflict from escalating which can cause litigation, loss and/or violence.  

Dr. Shapiro’s book, called “Peaceful Colors ‐ How to Prevent and Resolve Everyday Conflict Using True Colors”, is available at  


Dr. Shapiro can design various training programs that draw on her extensive knowledge and experience in the Conflict Resolution field. Customized programs can involve:

  • Learn the Conflict Resolution Skillset
  • Personality Assessment for Win/Win, Interest -Based Negotiation
  • Mediation for the Home, School, or Workplace.
  • Conflict Coaching for Teachers, Parents and Professionals