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Effective conflict management is more than calmly saying what is on your mind. It requires strategy, skill and practice. Whether you’re an experienced negotiator who is looking to fine tune your skills, a novice interested in learning the art of assertiveness and conflict management or a professional wanting to get the credential of mediation training, CT Mediation can help you learn to effectively resolve conflict, connect with people and build relationships.

Dr. Shapiro's doctoral nation-wide research sheds light on the need for conflict resolution (CR) education and training in the HR and leadership fields. The majority of HR professionals and executives said “yes” to wanting and needing training and education in the Conflict Resolution Skillset.

This CR Skillset includes many of the same specific strategies that are used by mediators (reflective listening, reframing, building rapport and step-by-step problem-solving). These skills would also enable HR professionals to manage and resolve interpersonal employee conflict before it escalates and leads to negative outcomes. It can reduce the negative consequences of conflict. These negative outcomes in the workplace can include low productivity, health-related stress, increased employee turnover, or litigation. 


This training program is unique because:

  • Most trainers do not have a doctorate degree in this field. Gail J. Shapiro has a Ph.D. in the field of Conflict Analysis and Resolution. 
  • Dr. Shapiro tailor-makes this skills-based program for you or your group so it is a memorable experience.  
  • Most training programs use pre-packaged cases but Dr. Shapiro will listen and work with you to develop a Mediation Training program that suits your individual or group’s needs.